WRplus2011年03月30日 18時30分

現在、この SDRソフトが入手できなくなっています。詳細はよくわかりませんが、

Dear WRplus users,

first of all I wish to thank you for your interest and enthusiasm about WRplus:
as a matter of fact WRplus is currently used by thousands of radio enthusiasts
around the world and thanks also to your feedback and advices it has become
the most popular, non commercial SDR program for radio reception.

There are some very important news: the success of the “WRplus project” has
brought to its acquisition by a new company in the field, so it’s going to be a
commercial product with all the related benefits; in the near future a new
software, which will collect the legacy of WRplus, will be available featuring a
completely renewed user interface and several more options.

I’ll be in charge of the development of this new program and I’ll do it as a day job.
The goal will be to obtain the best user friendliness, performance quality and
efficiency: of course all your advices collected so far (and in the future) will be
considered in the development.

The WRplus email will continue to work: I’ll be glad to still receive your advices
but please don’t ask for a new release of WRplus.
Also, you will find news and links related to the new software on this web page so stay tuned!

Sandro Sfregola