Re^2: FO-29 schedule Jan, Feb.2010年01月16日 18時42分

The TX will be ON till the Voltage Controller (UVC) decided to
switch OFF. Now FO-29 is still in eclipses.

For example, if the TX will be switched on at 2100 UTC on Jan 16,
then it will be switched off by UVC at about 21:24 UTC due entering
the eclipse. I understand it from the upper chart.

Black boxes are the eclipses. Yellow means sunlight (percent of
illumination). You can see that FO-29 is not free of eclipses but
they are getting more and more shorter.

FO-29 will be switched on after a eclipse and UVC will switch
off if the satellite enters the eclipse (a black box). And you
can see the last eclipse will be on Feb 08 at 00:15 UTC -> after
then we have no eclipses anymore.

You can also use a satellite software like Orbitron to simulate
the orbit and the satellite illumination.

Tnx. DK3WN, Mike

JE9PEL, Mineo Wakita

キャラクタ名2010年01月16日 18時52分

わかる方はいますか? (オリジナル作品かな?)