FO-29 schedule Jan, Feb. (英訳)2010年01月14日 20時11分

JARL says: The eclipse rate of FO-29 suddenly changes from January to
February, but it seems that the possibility of consecutive operation
is low, because the malfunction occurs in the battery control circuit.

But we make a temporary operative plan and operate it, because there is
the possibility of the spontaneous cure to be before approximately 2 years.
When the surplus occurred for the electricity income and expenditure,
we review an operative plan and do it.

In other words, FO-29 may not remain operational after eclipses due to
power budget issues but operations are planned according to the following
schedule when the satellite will be turned ON.

It is operated until time to be OFF by UVC after a transmitter turned ON
on the following date and time.

Jan.  UTC
 16   21:00-
 22   22:33-
 24   10:35-
 29   21:25-
 31   09:30-

Feb.  UTC
  5   22:00-
  7   10:00-
 11   11:40-
 12   20:53-
 14   10:40-

It does not limit the use of the analog system transponder, but
please do uplink with the reasonable power. We may cancel the use
of the next day depending on the situation of the examination use.

Please use as low power as necessary on the uplink to complete
your communications.