AO-51 L-uplink off?2008年07月10日 18時41分

Fm PACB-1 To TIME-1 <UI pid=F0 [DAMA] [EAX25] Len=64 >[09:25:15]
PHT: uptime is 177/09:38:43.  Time is Thu Jul 10 09:29:54 2008

Fm PACB-1 To AMSATN-1 <UI pid=F0 [DAMA] [EAX25] Len=126 >[09:25:17]
>6 July 2008 ... AO-51 now in shorter eclipse period....
FM Repeater ON ... L-Band uplink PBBS Off  Telemetry On ... 73 WA4SXM 

Fm PACB-1 To LSTAT <UI pid=F0 [DAMA] [EAX25] Len=46 >[09:25:17]
I P:0x13A8 o:0 l:27208 f:27245, d:1 st:6 e:f7

NanoSail-D 帆(セイル)展開2008年07月10日 21時10分