CUTE-1.7+APDII, ascii2008年05月30日 21時06分

バイナリデータの合間に、いくつか アスキーデータも混じっていました。
JQ1YTC>JQ1YCZ [05/30/08 20:53:52] <UI C>:.....PDA0 WakeUp
JQ1YTC>JQ1YCZ [05/30/08 20:53:54] <UI C>:.....PDA0 WakeUp
JQ1YTC>JQ1YCZ [05/30/08 20:53:55] <UI C>:.....PDA0 WakeUp
JQ1YTC>JQ1YCZ [05/30/08 20:54:58] <UI C>:.....PDA1 WakeUp
JQ1YTC>JQ1YCZ [05/30/08 20:55:27] <UI C>:.....OK
JQ1YTC>JQ1YCZ [05/30/08 20:55:57] <UI C>:.....There is no image order

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Re: Yubileiny(RS30) 奇妙な信号2008年05月30日 21時37分

ヒントになりそうな記事が amsat-news にありました。

Yubileiny RS-30 Launched on May 23

The Russian Federal Space Agency announced the successful launch of the
Yubileiny, a 45 kg small satellite, on May 23 from the Plesetsk Launching
Site into low earth orbit.

The motive for development of Yubileiny small spacecraft was the 50th
anniversary of the first space satellite. One mission goal includes flight
qaulification of the new space systems and equipment. Radio amateur operators
all over the world will be able to receive the telemetry downlink utilizing
RS-style CW telemetry 435.315 MHz using the callsign RS30.

The satellite transmits a cyclic series of messages lasting for 4 minutes
including a call signal and TM-data (10 seconds); a voice message (1 minute);
a pause (50 seconds); the first artificial satellite imitated signals
(10 seconds); an image (1 minute); with a final pause (50 seconds).

訳注: CWテレメトリー(10秒) → 音声メッセージ (1分) → 休止(50秒)
       → スプートニク1号が当時送信した信号(10秒) → 画像(1分) →休止(50秒)

Aerospace Vehicle Laboratory SCC is the primary the satellite control.
A similar Satellite Control Center has been established at the Siberian
State Aerospace University in Krasnoyarsk to allow students and research
engineers can receive and analyze the telemetry in cooperation with the
specialists at JSC Academician M.F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems
center. Details can be found on-line at: