Re: UO-11 telemetry Mar.162007年03月17日 00時46分

Uo11dem.exe の解析画面をテキストファイルとして保存する方法を
著者の Douglas Quagliana 氏に聞いてみました。 基本的なやり方
Subject:  Re: UO-11 telemetry Mar.16
From:     Douglas Quagliana
Date:     Fri, 16 Mar 2007 07:44:43 -0500 wrote:
> Hello Douglas, KA2UPW,
> Please tell me how to save the decoded window as a text file.

Hi Mineo,

To save the decoded text you can just copy the text out of UO11DEM
using the Windows clipboard.  Here are the steps:

0) start uo11dem and start wordpad (or notepad)
1) demodulate some audio in UO11DEM
2) with your mouse, click in the large window in UO11DEM
3) press control-A to select all of the text.
   Everything in the large window will become
   highlighted and change color.
4) Press control-C to copy all of the text to the Windows clipboard.
5) Switch to wordpad (or notepad) and press control-V to paste
   the text (or select "Edit") then select "Paste" in the menu.
   Notepad will remove colors and highlighting.
   Wordpad will preserve the colors and you can save as a .RTF file
   to keep the colors. You can paste into notepad to get plain text
   and then copy/paste from notepad to regular email.

Either notepad or wordpad will let you save as regular text.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Douglas KA2UPW/5

Subject:  Re: UO-11 telemetry Mar.16
From:     Mineo Wakita
To:       Douglas

OK, thanks for your procedure,

Uo11dem (Clipboard):      Notepad:
control-A & control-C --> control-V