ANDE ビーコン2007年01月19日 21時28分

ANDE について、US Naval Academy Satellite Lab (米国海軍士官
学校衛星研究室) の WB4APR, Robert Bruninga 氏から、衛星内部

Subject: [amsat-bb] ANDE Beacons
From: "Robert Bruninga"
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 09:34:33 -0500

> On Behalf Of Mineo Wakita
> 145.825 MHz, 1200bps AX.25 JST
> ANDE-1>APRS1,SGATE [01/13/07 06:25:39] <UI>:
> :BLN1ANDE :ANDE-1 only wakes up 1 of evry 15s for users.
> Pse conserve.

Since ANDE sleeps most of the time, and only awakes on activity,
we programmed the Satellite's KPC-3 TNC to schedule the beacons
so that they would give an idea of how long ANDE was kept awake.
The above beacon comes out 15 seconds after awakening.
The odd spelling and spacing make the bulletins wrap nicely on
the D7 and D700 radio front panel displays.

Here are the beacons and their times since awakening:

15s: ANDE-1 only wakes up 1 of evry 15s for users. Pse conserve.
105s: ANDE stays awake for 30 secs after last pkt heard.
10m: I've been on over 10m & need to save power. Thanks.

I have never seen the last one. This is good news, and means
we are conserving power on this non-solar powered satellite.
(115 "D" cell Lithium cells).

Since ANDE has a voice synthesizer, I thought about programming
voice beacons, based on my daughter's morning responses to being
woken up... But then it would make the satellite useless before
noon on weekends...