Re^2: GeneSat-1 打ち上げ延期2006年12月13日 19時06分

GeneSat-1 and TacSat-2/Minotaur-1 の打ち上げが、早くても明後日
12月15日 になった模様です。

> Wallops announces that Friday, 12/15/06, is now the earliest
> possible launch date. Launch time remains 0400-0700 PST for
> each day in the current launch window, which has now been
> extended from 12/15-22/06. The report on TacSat-2 is that
> analysis and testing continue of its flight software and its
> ground-based simulator at Kirtland AFB. Web sites to watch
> for more information include the NASA TacSat-2 Mission site
> and the Wallops TacSat-2 Mission site.

> The TACSAT-2/Minotaur 1 launch set for Monday, Dec. 11, has
> been delayed with Friday, Dec. 15, as the earliest possible
> launch date. Analysis and testing continue on the TacSat-2
> flight software and the ground-based simulator at Kirtland
> Air Force Base, N.M. The launch window now extends to Dec. 22.
> As information becomes available, updates will be provided.