AO-51 QRP mode2006年05月17日 07時50分

FM Repeater, V/U
Uplink: 145.920 mhz FM, 67 hz PL Tone
Downlink: 435.300 mhz FM
FM Repeater, V/U (QRP only)
Uplink: 145.880 mhz FM
Downlink 435.150 mhz FM

To attempt to keep this simple a low power station will be
defined as a station which can deliver no more than 10 watts
to a vertical or handheld antenna.
Some examples of Low Power Stations:
1. Using an HT (barefoot, no amplifier) with 10 watts or less
output into any type of vertical whip antenna (rubber duck, etc)
or handheld beam antenna (arrow type).
2. Using a mobile station with 10 watts or less output into car
mounted mobile whip antenna(s).
3. Using a base station at 10 watts output into a vertical
omnidirectional antenna on the side of the house.

Examples that are NOT Low Power Stations:
1. Any type of high gain beam antenna, KLM, M2, Cushcraft, etc.
2. Any station transmitting over 10 watts into any type of antenna.

How well we operate the satellite within these guidelines will
determine how much we can run this mode in the future.
So lets try and do this right!

ISS packet on2006年05月17日 08時21分

RS0ISS-3>P0PPP0,SGATE,WIDE [05/17/06 08:16:50] <UI R>:

シジュウカラ2006年05月17日 08時29分

毎朝自宅で聞こえてくる鳥の鳴き声が、 シジュウカラ
のものとわかりました。BGM もその鳴き声にしました。