PCSAT-2 information2006年05月10日 20時03分

Catalog Number: 25544
Launch Date: August 1, 2005

Activated: August 3, 2005
Status: Operational
Current Mode: Digipeater / XBAUD (PSK31/CW Repeater)

Digital Downlink: 435.275 Mhz
Digital Uplink: 145.825 Mhz

PSK-31 Downlink: 435.275 Mhz
PSK-31 Uplink: 29.401 Mhz

CALLSIGN: pcsat2

Official Webpage:
PCSAT2 APRS Packet page:
aprstlm Telemetry Decoder program:

Bob, WB4APR, reports that the Xbaud - PSK31/CW repeater
experiment has been activated. Bob reports that you need
to connect to pcsat2 and then you can tranmit on 29.401 Mhz
and listen on 435.275 for your signal.

Reports are that you will probably need at least
100+ watts of power on 10m to make it work.
Currently, Henk, PA3GUO, has tried with only a 100 watts
and a dipole without any luck so far.
[ANS-WSR wishes to thank Bob, WB4APR, and
Henk, PA3GUO, for this weeks info]